Once in a while you might be in a situation when you forgot your WordPress user password. When you have access to the control panel, this is not a problem, but if you don’t, you have to change the password in the database. I will show you how to do this using phpMyAdmin.

At first, main steps:

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin
  2. Find wp_users table
  3. Change user password and password type

Now mains steps in detail with pictures:

1. Login to phpMyAdmin. Sometimes you will have more than one database, make sure you've selected the right one.

2. Select wp_users table and choose Browse (if not selected). Find your Username in user_login table column and click Edit.

3. In the form change user_pass long alpha numeric values to your NewPassword (please make up a strong password) and under Function drop down list choose MD5.
That’s it! Try to login to your account under admin section. If password does not work, please double check username and password once again.